Here you will find resources to give you the confidence to carry out a home or family-directed funeral.  The focus of this site is on natural after-death care and green funeral options. Click on the map below to locate a home funeral guide in your area, or view our articles and resources pages to learn more about home funerals in your area. [View Home Funeral Directory as full page map]

Below is a short (5 min) CBS news report about home funerals that will provide you with a quick summary of what is involved.

While we maintain this website, we are not familiar with the funeral laws in each state. Please consult the Funeral Consumer Alliance (FCA) website (http://funerals.org) for more information. There are affiliates or chapters in almost every state, and your local FCA chapter could give you specific information. And state-by-state laws related to home funerals can be found at http://funeralethics.org.rights. Also, Lisa Carlson, co-author with Joshua Slocum of  Final Rights: Reclaiming the American Way of Death, is an excellent resource to consumers.

Additionally, through the website below you can ask Lisa specific questions about your state: All Experts.com, Lisa Carlson. This is a free service provided by the All Experts website.

We hope this site serves you well.

Donna Belk and Sandy Booth,
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