The Home Funeral Directory refers visitors to the directories of the National Home Funeral Alliance (NHFA). They have several directories to choose from depending on your needs.

Find a Home Funeral Guide

Find a home funeral guide listed by country and state

Find a Workshop or Training

If you are interested in attending home funeral workshops or training as a home funeral guide, please visit

Also, for an online training program, please visit BeyondHospice.com

Find a Speaker

To find a speaker on the topic of home funerals, visit:

Find a Celebrant

To find a person who will officiate at a funeral ceremony who is sensitive to the needs and requirements of home funerals, visit

Find a Home-Funeral-Friendly funeral director

To find a funeral director who is friendly to home funeral requests, visit

Find a Home Funeral Community Group

To find communities in your area that may offer local home funeral education, or other home funeral services, visit