Guide to Becoming a Mortician and the Embalming Process

You have probably heard about them, maybe fancied what it means to be one. It is a profession many prefer to talk about in undertones since most people are afraid of the prospect of having to face a mortician some day. Customarily, whenever you go to meet a mortician, it usually means there is...

Cremation Services and how do you cremate a body?

Cremation services
Introduction Cremation services has become a popular option that people choose over burial. In this topic we are going to discuss the questions that a person who is interested in cremation process must know. How much does cremation work? is probably the first question anyone would ask for sure, to answer this question the person must...

Green Burial and Funeral Arrangement All you need to know

green burial
Green burial is a simple and environmentally friendly way of burial where bodies are not cremated or preserved with any form of chemicals. The dead are placed in a biodegradable coffin then interred without the use of a concrete burial vault. As such, the grave site will be allowed to return to its natural state,...