In this home funeral, family and friends transport the coffin of their loved one at a green burial park.

In this home funeral, family and friends transport the coffin of their loved one at a green burial park.

How-to information for people choosing a Home Funeral

There are many websites providing resources for funerals in general, but the links below are very specific to home funerals. We encourage you to mix-and-match to find what is appropriate for your situation.

Free E-books and documents

Undertaken With Love — an e-book that offers a step-by-step guide for providing after-death care in the US, plus suggestions for providing these resources within communities

Home Funeral Checklist — a checklist for what is involved in a home funeral, created by Donna Belk and Sandy Booth who also maintain this Home Funeral Directory

Do-it-all-yourself guide — a webpage listing of what needs to be done for a home funeral in the UK

Crossings: Caring for Our Own — a two-page summary document compiled on steps involved with home funeral care

Online Videos “how to” provide after-death care

Canadian Integrative Network for Death Education and Alternatives (CINDEA) — online vidoes demonstrating how to provide post-death care

DVD ($15) for after-death care of the body Passing Through Our Hands — a one-hour documentary-style  body care demonstration video by Donna Belk and Sandy Booth. The video starts from when the person dies and covers how to wash the body, dress and layout the body, hold a vigil, how to move the body into a coffin. The video also includes printed guidelines in addition to the video training.

Full length features

  • A Family Undertaking
  • The Most Excellent Dying of Theodor Jack Heckelman (graceful death of Nancy Jewel Poer’s brother)
  • Dying Wish (Karen van Vuuren doctor with cancer choosing to stop eating and drinking)
  • Beyond Goodbye (short version of Remembering Josh)
  • Dying Green (green burial about Billy Campbell)
  • In the Parlour
  • Departures (Japanese foreign film award winner – not specifically about home funeral)
  • Will for the Woods
  • Two Weeks (2006) This movie squarely confronts the physical realities of dying and gets many other details right: hospice care, the calls to funeral homes, the awkward
    distribution of possessions, the final farewells to family and friends and resentments that surface when major decisions have to be made quickly.
  • Beginning with the End 
  • Tender Funerals

Online Videos