Below are listings for  Home Funeral Guides in the US and Canada.  Feel free to contact a person in your area for information about their services or the status of home funerals in your particular location. Additionally the state-by-state listings appear on the right-hand side of this page below the photo. Please subscribe to our mailing list if you would like occasional updates as to the status of home funerals.

Home Funeral Guides in Canada

Home Funeral Guides in the USA listed by states

Below are definitions used on this site

Home Funeral Educator: Educates the public about how family members, friends and other supporters can provide after-death care to their loved ones by having a home funeral, or blended services using a funeral home. The home funeral educator may offer training or workshops in the steps that are involved in families caring for their own.
Home Funeral Guide: Educates and guides families through the process of a home funeral vigil.

Code of Ethics, Conduct, and Practices

This document is a set of guidelines prepared by the National Home Funeral Alliance. These standards of practices are recommended for Home Funeral Guides and provide clear direction in correct and ethical behavior as they serve those choosing family-­directed funerals. [NHFA Code of Ethics, Conduct and Practice [rev 8-2-12].