This site is to share information and resources about Home Funerals. There is no charge to be listed on the site, and it is funded and maintained by Donna Belk and Sandy Booth of Austin, Texas. Rather than being a voice of only one organization, this site seeks to include Home Funeral Guides and information from many organizations into one easy-to-visit source.  We offer resource for people in the United States and Canada.

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Donna Belk offers a training program for people who want to learn about being a Home Funeral Guide or Midwife to the Dying. Please visit her site, Beyond Hospice, for more information. She also has a website where she offers other services that are in the field of death and dying. Please visit DonnaBelk.com.

ABOUT THE PHOTOS: The photos on this site are of actual home funerals, and workshops where we are presenting and practicing how to provide after-death care to a loved one. No actual dead bodies are photographed on this website.